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Welcome to the Blog!


Hey babe!
You have no idea how excited I am to be writing this right now! Welcome to the freaking official blog of Courtney Jo and Stolen Memories Photography! This is something I’ve dreamed of creating for YEARS, and I mean like 8 years! I’ve started it a handful of times and always stopped because of some lame excuse I made up, but no more! It is time to dive in and actually do this blog thing! So welcome to this crazy ride and let’s dive in!


What’s the blog about

So what the heck is this blog going to be about? Well photography of course! I’ll not only be sharing all my amazing clients and sessions, but I’ll be sharing everything I know! Think of this as your one stop place for everything photography! I’ll be teaching you tips on cell phone photography, basic dslr photography, and anything else relating to the topic! Mood boards to have your own photoshoots, my favorite locations for selfies, how to dress for your session - all things photography! BUT I’m more than just a photography girl, so I’m bringing all things Courtney Jo to the blog too. I’m a multi-passionate girl with a love for all creative hobbies, so I’m bringing all of my knowledge on that too! So expect to see things like painting, music, design, fashion, beauty, inspiration, motivation and mindset, local hot spots, writing, traveling, cooking, DIYing everything, home decor, reading, and anything else creative!


What’s coming up

So, what’s coming up in the near future? SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! I’m sharing some past sessions and never before seen images from those, I’m talking all about new sessions I’m launching that are perfect for literally any girl or woman who wants something fun to do that’s a little out of the ordinary, and I’ve got some amazing tips on Fall fashion for your Fall photos! I can’t wait to share it all with you!


I can’t wait!

Seriously, I am so excited to share this passion project with you and just share more of my creative realm with all of you! With so many ideas waiting to be brought to life, I’m off to write my next handful of blog posts! I’ll chat with you soon, but in the meantime, make sure to connect with me on instagram! @iamcourtney

I’ll chat with you later babe!
xoxo, Courtney Jo


about the blogger

Hey babe, I’m Courtney Jo! I’m an award-winning, nationally recognized senior photographer based out of State College, PA who photographs women of all ages to empower them to feel confident in their own skin. I was named one of the country’s top 100 senior photographers in 2018 by Senior Style Guide and I’m bringing that experience to women of all ages now! I also empower my fellow girl bosses to create the businesses and lives they dream of through coaching and content creation! Oh, and I sling some amazing shampoo on the side that has changed my confidence and my life!


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I’m Courtney Jo! A portrait photographer, girlboss coach, and shampoo slinger, with a goal to empower women of all ages to feel confident in who they are through modern day photography.
xoxo, Courtney Jo

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