hey love! Ready to earn yourself some free months of SMPlify Social! I’m testing out a referral program with JUST my original beta testers (aka - YOU) and for helping me test this, you can earn unlimited free months of your membership! Here are the details:

For every friend you refer to SMPlify Social, you get a month free
Your friend gets 10% off of their first month too!
You can refer as many friends as you want! There is no limit!
Beta testing runs from March - May

So you have until the last day of May to earn as many free months of SMPlify Social as you want! And to help you out, I’ve created this referral kit for you! It includes 3 different graphics you can send to your friends with the referral code, URL to sign up, and instructions! There is also a worksheet of questions for you to answer that will help you figure out what to say to your friends! That’s it! Pretty smple, right? (Ha, see what I did there?! I’m such a dork!) So click the buttons below to download your kit items and get started earning that sweet sweet free membership :)


graphic 1

a premade graphic to send to your friends


graphic 2

a premade graphic to send to your friends


graphic 3

a premade graphic to send to your friends



questions to answer that will help you with what to say


tips on where to post


not quite sure where to post all this content? Here are my suggestions:

~ don’t just post on your social feed, it is unpredictable and you’re less likely to get people to remember to list you as the person who referred them (aka how you get your free month)
~ instead, personally message people who you know and think would benefit from the membership.
~don’t just send the graphic in a message and be done with it. Start a conversation! Ask them how they’ve been, how their business is going, and if they’re struggling with social media. Then share about how you were too and how SMPlify Social can help (this is where the answers on that worksheet come into play!). Get personal and share your honest opinion, and then share the offer with them!