Question 1

Q: What is SMPLIFY Social?

A: It is a monthly social media membership that revolves around STRATEGY! You get a premade content calendar each month that is based on our strategy topic of the month and the purpose is to save you time! Stop wondering what to post. Stop wondering what to say. Stop wondering if you’re using the right strategy. We work through all of that in our monthly workbooks.

Question 2

Q: What all is included?

A: Each month you will get: 1 new strategy topic, a 15-page workbook to implement the topic, a social media content calendar with 30 pre-planned posts (each post includes an image prompt, a mad-lib style caption, and a specific idea for the post), 10 free stock images from my member’s only exclusive stock shop, 4 live trainings on the month’s topic (2 FB lives, 1 Zoom call, and 1 monthly FB LIVE Q&A).

Question 3

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The subscription is $59 each month, with a one time $59 sign up fee. You also get an exclusive signing bonus item (valued at $99) for free, because I love my SMPLIFY Social members!

Q: When do I get my content?

A: You will get instant access as soon as you sign up!

Question 4

Question 5

Q: How far in advance in the content planned?

A: The content in planned a month in advance. So if you sign up in February, you will instantly get access to March’s content, and in March, you will get April’s content

Q: How long do I have to download the content?

A: You have 1 month to download the content! New content is released on the 1st of each month and will replace the past month’s content.

Question 6

Question 7

Q: Can I get previous months’ content?

A: Yepp! You can purchase the previous month’s content separately once you sign up! It will be delivered to you in the form of an instant download

Q: Can I share the content you give us?

A: To keep it fair to all of our other paying members, no you are not allowed to share any content you get from this membership or our private FB group.

Question 8

Question 9

Q: How can I use the stock images?

A: While they are primarily for you to use in your social media posts, you can use them anywhere online - blog posts, websites, fb groups, etc. I just ask that you don’t lie to your audience and tell them you took them!

Question 10

Q: Can I get images to use in both digital and print formats?

A: These images are only to use in online/social media /website formats. For print or commercial projects, please message

Question 11

Q: Can I edit the images to match my brand?

A: Absolutely! Your images should match your brand’s look and feel, so if that means you need to use a dark and moody filter on your images, please do so! I keep my edits minimal so they can easily be adjusted to fit all brands!

Question 12

Q: Do I own these images since I can use them anywhere?

A: No. While you are allow to use them online without crediting me, I still hold copyright to all the images. You are also not allowed to use them as your own portfolio or claim credit to taking them.

Question 13

Q: Can I see an example of what the images might look like?

A: Sure! Take a look at this example gallery here! [SEE THE EXAMPLE GALLERY]

Question 14

Q: Can I get a refund if this doesn’t work?

A: Due to the nature of this digital content, no refunds will be provided. You can, however, cancel your membership at any time!

Q: Can I try SMPlify Social out first to see if it’s right for me and my business?

A: You absolutely can! Click the link to get a free sample of SMPlify Social! [CLICK HERE FOR THE SAMPLE]

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