s m p l i f y s o c i a l

Social media content for girlbosses




let me guess... 

…you want more followers, engagement, and customers, but you don’t have the time to devote to social media because you’ve got a million other things to do?

…you want to post high quality content consistently like you see your favorite girlbosses doing, but you don’t know where to start or have the time to do it?

…you are frustrated with creating content for social and would rather hire someone to do it full-time, but aren’t ready to build a team yet?

…you’ve tried other social media memberships, but could only find ones that were focused on only one aspect and not customized to you?


And all you really dream of is...

Using social media to create your dream life of freedom, living life on your own terms, working when you want on what you want and focusing on living your best life instead of being tied to your laptop

Posting content like your fave girlboss, feeling accomplished and kick-ass

Being able to post custom content that you control and is already done for you without having to hire someone full-time to do it

Having your social media sell for you with heartfelt content, not spammy salesy “buy now” posts, all while you’re living your dream life

Laying poolside dreaming of your next impactful project while your social media is selling for you while you nap in the sun


That is exactly why i created Smplify Social

To help determined girlbossess get back to creating their dream life of freedom while SMPlifying social media by creating custom content that sells on social in a heartfelt way for them


hey babe! im courtney jo

I’m a content creation coach who found herself giving up on her own social media content. After spending months creating custom content for my 1:1 clients, I was exhausted, with no creative energy left for my own brand. My business was stagnant because I didn’t have the time or energy to create content for myself, and I got myself stuck in this hustle & grind place, instead of the abundant and carefree path I so desperately desired. Determined to realign, I figured out a way to create a month of content that spoke from the heart in only 5 hours straight. It was game changing. I applied this method to my 1:1 clients and that quickly became SMPlify Social, a monthly social media content membership for determined girlbosses, just like you, who are ready to create their dream life of freedom while social media sells for them in the background.


what members are saying


“ If you struggle with your social media content that reflects who you are and encourages engagement with your audience, SMPlify Social is for you! I'm finally consistent with my posting and absolutely LOVE that Courtney Jo provides the prompts a month PRIOR so you can schedule ahead of time! I've had subscriptions similar to this in the past and didn't receive the new month until that particular month and immediately felt behind. With SMPlify Social, I can finally get ahead in my business!! “

— Shannon of Twelfth + grace photography


“ Smplify Social has been great! My biggest struggle is coming up with content to post and what to say. Smplify Social has helped me with that struggle. I highly recommend if you are struggling with your social media or wanting to learn more on how to improve what you're currently doing. “

— Cassandra of Cassandra Janina Photography


What is Smplify Social?

It’s a monthly membership that gives you an entire month of social posts custom to your business, scheduled in advance in just a few hours.

Every month I will walk you through the 4 easy steps of my social content creation process that will transform your online presence, have you showing up consistently, engaging more authentically, and getting back to creating your dream life of freedom with 20+ hours of your time back each month, instead of getting sucked into the social media void for hours on end every time you want to make a post


the four easy steps we take each month:


step one:

The questions you need to answer to create content that is brand specific, strategic, personal, and engaging to your ideal clients (like chatting about your business over coffee )


step TWo:

The images that will save you hours, work with your unique brand, and are the holy grail of professional but not perfect girlboss images (keeping it REAL is where it’s at, yo!)


step THREE:

the captions that will stop you from asking “what the hell do I say?” and will have you playing a game of mad-libs, that work for any brand and are designed to engage with your followers from a REAL, genuine place


step FOUR:

the schedule of what to post when, so you can stop stressing about the best day to post and focus on actually building a relationship with your followers (you know, the whole point of SOCIAL media!)


What is included each month


posting calendar

A calendar with daily posts, showing you what to post when, mixing business, personal, and engaging content in a strategic way. Focused on telling the story of your brand, you will find every post planned for you, ready to be customized and scheduled.


monthly captions

30 mad-lib style, done for you captions that you can customize to your brand. Just fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go! These are specifically designed to work with any brand in any industry.


stock images & prompts

10 stock images of your choice from the stockshop that focus on being REAL not perfect, elevating your brand while feeling relatable. Would you rather DIY your images? Use the 30 image prompts specific to each post to plan out your custom images you can take on your own!


planning tools

A monthly questionnaire to help you determine what to share and to prep your content. This allows you to stop sharing anything and everything, and get specific so that your heartfelt stories actually lead your followers through your business offerings while creating a relationship.


video trainings

4 educational training videos each month on a specific content creation topic, sharing my secrets and tips. No, it’s not an online course. It’s like sitting down with your BFF, chatting about social media in a real and honest way! (Get ready for funny faces and hand gestures because I’m awkward AF, just keeping it real!)


video workbook

A workbook to go along with the training videos to dive deeper into the topics and learn how to apply them specifically to your brand. Plus I’m including a little love letter from me with some real life examples and sharing the struggles we all feel.


all of this for $59/month

and a one time sign up fee


more members are saying


“ I know social media is something that I HAVE to have for my business and SMPlify Social creates such a system that allows me to live my life and not be sitting behind my computer coming up with a million posts and prevents me from posting just to post--its more efficient, effective and purposeful for my business and my life. If you are on the fence about trying this....just do it for one month--its literally business changing, it took a lot off my shoulders!“

— Trent of Trent Currin Photography


SMPlify Social has given me peace of mind to not have to figure out every little element when it comes to social media, like figuring out what copy to come up with and then the scheduling of it. Not having to write the copy is my absolutely my favorite!”

— Kelly of Lifetime of Clicks Photography


So, are you ready?


to stop spending pointless hours wondering what to say/post and get back to living your dream life of freedom? Join SMPlify Social now to get instant access to the content and tolls that will take you from stressed to blessed in 5 hours.


did you think that was it? think again, babe!

I want to spoil you even more with these badass bonuses for determined girlbosses like you!


Epic Signup Bonuses


monthly checklist

For the girlboss who will write a finished task in her planner just for the love of crossing things off, I’ve created a checklist of all the monthly steps for you to check off and feel accomplished!


freebie kit

For the girlboss who wants to take her social media game to the next level and use it to nurture her followers AND grow her email list, but doesn’t know where to start, this is for you. I’ve created a full digital freebie kit to help you create your freebie, asap! No more wondering “what do I talk about? How do I write it? How do I create it?”. This kit has everything you need from ideas on what freebie to create, stock images to use in the freebie, and a 4 page template to create your freebie right now. I’ve been told that I should be charging $99 for this kit, but I’m a badass girlboss who makes her own rules, so I’m giving this to you when you sign up, fo’ free. (thank my little rebel soul for that one!)


growth tracker

For the girlboss who is a lady in the street but a freak in the spreadsheets, I’ve created a monthly growth tracker so you can clearly see your growth each month


okay babe, let’s have a little heart to heart

just you and me for a minute…


You are sitting there wondering,

“Is this really for me?” and I don’t want you signing up if it’s not truly what is best for you. So tell me, does any of this sound like you?

  • You’re frustrated with how much time you spend on social media for your business

  • You’re wishing social media could be easy, carefree, impactful, and fun when it comes to your business

  • You’re constantly wondering if you’re posting the right stuff

  • You’re dreaming of outsourcing your social media, but the thought of giving up the control squashes that thought instantly

  • You’re overthinking what to say on social media, spending more than 10 minutes writing a caption that you never end up posting anyway

  • You’re ready to give up on social media because it’s not working for you

  • You need 20+ extra hours in a month to do whatever it is you’re dreaming of, whether it’s creating your next impactful service, spending time with family, traveling to new places, or just freaking relaxing and enjoying life

  • You’re ready to live your dream life of freedom while your social media runs on autopilot to sell from the heart to clients who dream of working with you

If your first thought to any of this was, “damn, yes, that’s what I want” then allow yourself to have it by joining SMPlify Social.

in just 5 hours you could have...

A full month of heartfelt social media content about business, personal, and engaging topics that’s specific to your
unique brand, scheduled, and ready to run on autopilot

More confidence in yourself and your content, feeling like the badass business babe that you are!

Free up 20+ hours in the month to spend as you wish

The freedom knowing your content is selling for you on auto pilot

Are you ready? Because you’re dream life is waiting for you


you have questions - i have answers


question 1:

Q: I’m in a niche industry, will this work for my brand?

A: Absolutely! Each month’s content is customizable so it can work for your specific brand! The content is not industry specific and is great for all kinds of girl bosses!



question 2:

Q: Is this content only focused on my business? You know, buy now, sales sales sales, here’s my product, type of content?

A: Not at all! One of the main reasons I created this membership was because so many I personally tried were just like that and I knew that the key to social media was a mix of business (in a non used car salesman way), personal, and engagement-focused content! The content in my membership is heavily based around people getting to know you, educating them on your business, and creating honest engagement with them to build strong relationships!



question 3:

Q:What if the unthinkable happens when I sign up and I need to cancel. Can I do that?

A: Of course! I totally understand that life happens sometimes. We have to pivot our businesses, put them on hold for a little, or life just happens. You have the option to cancel at any time, no questions asked!



question 4:

Q: Will my monthly fee change if the membership pricing changes?

A: Nope! Every member is locked in at the price they sign up at, until they decide to leave! So if you sign up now and the price goes up next month, you will always pay the price you signed up at, until you cancel your membership!



question 5:

Q: How much time will this actually save me?

A: For each individual person it varies depending on how often you post each week and day, but typically it is 20 hours or more. Scroll back up for the full math breakdown, and swap in your own numbers to calculate how  much time it could save you personally!


okay, babe

Your dream life is waiting for you on the other side of this membership. Are you ready to start creating it?