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How To Use The Library

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  • download the images you want (if you want them all, there’s a super easy button at the bottom!)

  • download the planning tools that work best for you and start planning based on the provided schedule (if you a paper gal or a digital girl, I’ve got you both covered!)

  • upload the images into your social platform or calendar

  • copy/paste the mad-lib style captions and prompts to quickly create your content

  • schedule your posts using the weekly schedule below

  • track your monthly growth in the digital planner




Captions & Prompts




copy and paste these caption right into your social media platform. Replace the [WORDS] with your own, like a mad lib game!


Have you ever heard the phrase, “this is A way, it’s not THEE way”? This is such a powerful concept that we often forget about. More often than not, there is more than one way to solve a problem or approach a situation, and it’s super important to remember that. Think about it… let’s say I give you six donuts and I tell you to stack them… how would you go about it? Some might stack them perfectly on top of each other to create a cylinder. Others might create a pyramid shape with the donuts. And some might even stack them in a heap like in this picture. So which way is correct? All of them. They are all in a stack, just as they were asked to, but the stacks all look different, and it’s all because of how we each have a different idea of what a “stack” is. Remember that next time you’re trying to solve a problem and getting multiple solutions! Okay so let’s see how many different ways to stack the donuts we can think of. My stack would look like [DETAILS]. Tell me in the comments- how would you stack the donuts?

Anyone else need a few more hours in the day? I know I sure could use some more time to get through my to do list. Seriously, between [TASK] and [TASK], I have quite a lot to do today, but I can’t complain because I absolutely love my work. Doing this work makes me feel [EMOTION] because [WHY], and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Tell me, what’s on your to do list today that you’re excited about?


use these prompts to spark your own ideas of what to write


Image Prompt: Take a picture of your laptop in your typical work environment with a current project on the screen

Caption Prompt:
Talk about your current project that you’re working on, why you’re so excited about it, and when your followers can expect to see the final version. Ask your followers if they are excited to see the final version

Image Prompt: Take a picture of yourself in your natural environment drinking your morning coffee (or drink)

Caption Prompt:
Share with your audience about your daily routine. Let them in on the mess and chaos - don’t try to hide the imperfect, but embrace it. Share about your morning drink, what it is, details about it, and how it makes you feel. Tell the story of your morning and invite your audience to share theirs

 Social Schedule


appreciate your clients in a post


post about how your product or service has changed lives


educate your followers on your area of expertise


share a tip, trick, or tutorial relating to your industry


post a personal story that helps them get to know you


post a lifestyle post




printable social planning calendar


digital social planning calendar


getting personal on social guide

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