Your 10-minute post is costing you 20+ hours a month!


Your 10-minute post is costing you 20+ hours a month!


As a creative entrepreneur - we wear a lot of hats and do all the things. We’ve got to run our business, do the bookkeeping, create content, work with clients, create marketing plans, continue our education, curate our own social media feeds...the list goes on. Sometimes we even put more work into our own businesses than we would at a 9-5. So what would it mean to you if I could give you an extra 16 hours a month to spend however you want? Work on your business, spend time with your family, take some time for yourself - doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this isn’t clickbait. No babe, this is for real. Let me give you back 22 hours each month by simply changing how you plan your social media.


Seriously, a change in how I plan my social media could give me 22 hours a month back? Yepp, I kid you not. Here’s the thing - social media is great, but how long does it take you to post each day? You’ve got to either take or find the picture you want to post, most likely edit it, upload it, then write that dreaded caption, post it, and on top of that, figure out what hashtags to use. That’s a lot of work to do for just one or multiple posts a day. How much time does it actually take? Let’s break it down…


the breakdown

Don’t worry - I did the math for you. Here’s a breakdown of how much time that “10 minute post” is actually taking you…

set up and take your picture - 5 min
edit your picture on an app - 10 min
upload your picture- 2 min
write a funny/witty/amazing caption - 10 min
tag people or accounts - 1 min
decide on and add hashtags - 5 min
Total time spent: 33 minutes

33 FREAKING MINUTES FOR ONE POST, BABE! That’s crazy! & here’s where it gets crazier… that’s just one post. If you’re posting two times a day like a lot of people (because we gotta be on allllll those platforms, right?), that’s 66 minutes out of your day for two social media posts. I’m not even talking about stories - literally JUST posts that show up in the feed.


How that equals 20 hours / month

So you might be wondering where that 20 hours a month comes from? Let me do some more math for you. So you’re posting 2x a day, with each post taking you 33 minutes…

2 posts per day = 66 min/day
posting 5 days a week = 330 min = 5.5 hours/week
4 weeks a month = 22 hours/mo
So that “10 minute” post is taking over 20 hours of your month!


How do you save time?

So you’re sitting there with your mind blown, wondering how the hell you actually save time doing this right? Like, is it even possible? The answer is yes! The best way to save time is to batch your content creation! Batching means to do similar tasks all at once. This will get you in the groove of that task, help you get it done faster, and help keep you consistent. So instead of posting on the fly each day, schedule one day a week to take all your pictures, plan out all your posts for the next week, write your captions and choose your hashtags. Then get it scheduled out!

Convinced that’s not possible? Think it won’t work for your industry or niche? Think again, babe! Because this is exactly what I teach the babes in my Smplify Social membership to do! Not only do I teach them my signature 4-step process to plan, create, and schedule an entire MONTH of social media content in just FOUR HOURS, but I also give them customizable content to make the process even faster, to post with a strategy, and market in a way that is all about getting personal, not salesy! Sound good to you? Feel free to click the button below to check it out and if it’s the right fit for you, you can get instant access to the content and get your next month’s content done in just 4 hours!

I promise, babe, this is not am impossible task, and you can easily get back those precious hours of your month to spend however you choose, without having to sacrifice quality or quantity of content! You’re just a few short hours away from batching your way to more time each month!

I’ll chat with you in the next blog!

Courtney Jo


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