Welcome to the Blog


Welcome to the blog


Babe! I am so freaking excited! I’ve been dreaming and planning this for years and it’s finally time! The SMPlify blog is officially here! I’m going to keep this first post short and sweet because I have so much content creation, business, & mindset tips to share with you, so let’s chat quick…


I’m Courtney Jo

In case we haven’t met on the interwebs before - Hey babe! I’m Courtney Jo! I’m a 26 year old boss babe (Yepp, millennial babe over here!) who runs 3 different businesses all focused on helping to empower women to feel confident in who they are and create their dream lives! I’m a content creator, award-winning portrait photographer, and a coach for women who dream big and want to live their unconventional life of freedom (your typical 9-5 is not what my babes dream of at all!). I coach on content creation, business, and mindset, and I provide tools, memberships, and templates to help boss babes in all industries to level up and create their dream business!


What’s the blog about?

So, what can you expect to see on here? First - education. I’m all about sharing my knowledge openly, so I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials on content creation, strategy, business, mindset, and so much more! I’ll also be sharing free resources, stock photos, and all the fun things! I’ll also be hitting you up with the inspiration and tough love you need to get past your mental blocks and truly create the life of freedom you dream of!


I’m all about keeping it real

I’m also 100% about keeping it real online because the interwebs is full of high light reels, fake news, and bro-marketing that set unrealistic expectations when it comes to running your business and living your life. So my blog will also include stories about the TRUTH behind being a boss babe, working on your mindset, creating content, business strategies, and life in general!

So, long story short - I’m beyond excited that you are here and I can’t wait to start sharing some kick ass content to help you uplevel your business and start taking steps to truly creating a life you love! I’ll chat with you soon babe!

Courtney Jo


about the blogger

Hey babe! I’m Courtney Jo! I’m a content creator who coaches girl bosses on how to create their dream life of freedom through content creation, business, and mindset! I’m also an award winning, nationally recognized portrait photographer and I sling some amazing natural hair and skin care products on the side that has changed my confidence and life!


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I’m Courtney Jo! A photographer, girlboss coach, and shampoo slinger, with a goal to help boss babes create their dream life through content creation & coaching!
xoxo, Courtney Jo

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