Goal Setting for Creatives and Entrepreneurs : Why you need daily tasks


Okay, so you've planned your yearly goals and you've planned your monthly activities, and you think you're ready to hit the ground running with your 2018 goals. You work on your monthly activity here and there throughout the month, and when the last day rolls around you look back and realized you didn't complete your activity because you missed 10 things you needed to do for it! WHAT?!?!?! And that, babe, is exactly why you need to take your goal planning a step further and create daily tasks!

If you're like me, you are so super busy that you can forget the simplest tasks, like putting a letter in the mailbox, returning a phone call, and especially trivial tasks that need to be completed! So if we can't remember the small stuff, think about the small tasks we need to do to accomplish our monthly activities that we will forget about! Think back to our previous monthly activity example of drinking a fruit smoothie a day. Well, we can't drink a smoothie if we don't have fruit, or forget to prep the fruit the night before (because we hit snooze too many times and we're running late so we don't have time to prep it in the morning - it happens ), or we forgot to print out the recipe for the smoothie. Even with simple goals, there are tiny, trivial tasks that we can easily forget about in our day to day activities if we don't take the time to consciously determine what they are.

However, if we take the time to think about each monthly activity and every task that is required of it, we can make our list, and know exactly what needs to be done every day, essentially creating your to do list for you every day. No forgetting, no overlooking, no worrying! We're creating those baby steps that will inch us closer to completing our monthly activity, which helps us to reach our yearly goal!

So, ready to know exactly how to create those daily tasks for each of your monthly activities? Well, I made a small workbook just for you, to walk you through the process of setting your goals for 2018 so you have the best year yet! Click the button below to download the workbook and start planning your year!

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