Goal Setting for Creatives and Entrepreneurs : Knowing your Personality and Values


Are you ready to set some big goals this year? Whether you're a photographer, blogger, creative, entrepreneur, high school senior, teen, or anyone else, this is the perfect time of the year to set new goals for the entire year ahead of you. So you grab a piece of paper and a pen, jot down some big dreams you have, tape them to the wall above your desk and BAM you're done, right?!

We're all guilty of doing this. So why does this never work? Why do we forget or completely ignore these goals we set in hopes of having a better year? Some people think it starts with the goals you set, but actually it starts with you! Before you can set goals that are meaningful to you, you need to understand what you value and hold as high priority! So goal setting actually starts with knowing your personality and values!

You need to set goals that are fulfilling to you, that mean something to you. Goals should be super personal to you in some way, whether that be improving your life, someone else's life, etc. - everything needs to relate back to what you value and hold most important in your life. A lot of us will set goals that we THINK will make us happy, but in reality they are only created to impress others. We set goals like "travel to the desert" or "get into a super exclusive school" , which are great goals if accomplishing them will fulfill you. However, more often these goals, when we truly look inside, only exist to impress others. Do you REALLY want to go to the desert because it's a lifelong dream and that environment resonates with your personality, or did you set that goal because it's the "cool" place all your friends are going and you want to be seen there too? Do you REALLY want to get accepted to that super private school, or is that just to make your family happy and impress your friends, when you really dream of starting your own business?

Those examples show you exactly why you need to start the goal setting process by getting to know yourself first! When you set goals that are fulfilling to you based on your personality and values, you won't just tape them up and forget about them. You'll be eager to achieve them and excited when you do! They will drive you to do better, work harder, and push past your limits. When you create goals based on your personality and values, you're setting yourself up for success while staying true to yourself! And let's be real, that's pretty much the ultimate goal in today's world of competition and comparison!

So are you ready to start setting your goals for 2018? Well, I made a small workbook just for you, to walk you through the process of setting your goals for 2018 so you have the best year yet! Click the button below to download the workbook and start planning your year!

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