Goal Setting for Creatives and Entrepreneurs : How I use both paper and digital planners


Keeping track of your to do list, and planning your work for the upcoming days, weeks, months, and year is a HUGE step towards achieving your goals. Planning your to do list creates a clear path to get you to your goals. There are various methods you can use to plan your work. From cute paper planners to helpful digital planners, there are so many ways to plan your work! From my experience though, the method that works best is using BOTH!

For me I love physically writing and organizing my to do lists on paper AND crossing an item off my list feels like a major win compared to deleting it off an app. That's why I love paper planners. Flipping through the pages and seeing what I've checked off makes me feel accomplished, and more easily helps me track my progress.

However, paper planners aren't perfect for me. I'm busy, and on the go - ALOT, and I don't want to carry around a binder-sized planner everywhere I go. That's where digital comes in! I always carry my phone anyway, so having a digital planner on my phone where I'm able to access my list and make changes at any given time is super convenient. This accessibility allows me to continue to keep a varying schedule while still keeping track of what work I need to do without being tied down to my desk.

So, how in the world do I use both? Simple. I start with my paper planner! My favorite is the Day Designer planner (check them out here! PS - I'm not affiliated in any way, just a huge fan!). I spend my Saturday mornings cuddled under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee and my planner, detailing my to do list for every day of the upcoming week. I also look back to past weeks to see what I've accomplished and what I still need to do. Once I've planned out my week on paper, I grab my laptop.

My favorite way to plan my content digitally is to use Trello (check it out here! again, not an affiliate, just a fan!). Trello uses a system of boards to plan and organize your data! So at the beginning of the year, I create 4 boards - one for each quarter of the year. Within each board, you can create lists to organize your items any way you'd like. I prefer to create a list for each month in the quarter, as well as a "done" list. On each list, you create Cards that can be moved between the lists. I create a card for each daily task I'll be working on each month. When you click on a card, you can add and create color-coded labels. I create a label for each monthly activity and assign each daily task to it's corresponding monthly activity label. Each card can then be assigned a due date, and you can view them on your calendar within the app! There is also a super helpful widget that allows you to see all of the upcoming cards on a list right on your phone without signing into the app every time! Seriously, super helpful! (For my visual learners, click through the slideshow below to see everything I just described!)

So, have I helped you determine the best planning method that works for you? Ready to use that planning method to implement your goals? Well, I made a small workbook just for you, to walk you through the process of setting your goals for 2018 so you have the best year yet! Click the button below to download the workbook and start planning your year!

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