column 1 will go here... yada yada yada blah blah blah. this is all filler text just to see how this will look. hmm those two shades of pink do NOT match. will need to fix the header image to match the pink of the bottom images. So that is definitely TOO much pink on this page. maybe change the background of the pink header to purple or rose gold? or maybe even some image? yeah do that later. Oh and don't forget to add the slideshow of images that have been published/featured and then add where as a caption. oh and need to link all of those pictures at the bottom to the person's blog/website where they can get to their class or education?

here is what will be column number 2. this is more filler text. blah blah blah. oh i better save this before i lose all of this progress and then get really pissed like i did last night.