what are personal branding sessions?

these are sessions to show off you and your brand! Here is where they are different from the content creation sessions - these sessions have YOU in them. You’re stepping in front of the camera to capture your personality within your brand. These aren’t just pretty headshots with your arms crossed, smiling at the camera. No. These are true lifestyle images, showing you within your business and brand.

So what’s the purpose of these sessions? To create images that you can share within your marketing, whether that be social media, email, or another form, that connect you with your audience by creating trust. When people can connect a face to a business, it creates trust; and when they can fully connect with the person, feeling like they’ve known you forever, that’s how you create adoring customers! So let’s do this!


the personal branding experience


your story

this is all about sharing YOUR story. we will create a plan that visually shows 3-5 brand stories most important to you


video chat

we will jump on a video chat so I can learn all about your brand and plan out your custom session content


stress free

your session is kept stress free with professional hair and make up services, as well as outfit styling


90 images

you get 90 images from your session (that’s 3 full months of content!), ready for both web and print uses


what is included

1 hour video chat

we will jump on a 1 hour video chat through Zoom, where we will dive deep into your brand, mission, values, personality and more. The more I can learn about your brand, the better we can tell your story! We will plan out your custom content and the stories we will tell during your session


4 hour session

we will spend 4 hours visually telling your brand stories and capturing gorgeous and REAL images for you to share. We will capture everything from headshots to action shots to detail shots. You will have a variety of content to share as you please


Professional hair & makeup

you’ve got enough to stress about on the day of your session - your hair and makeup should not be one of them. That’s why I’m bring in the pros to do your hair and makeup on the day of your session, so all you have to do is show up and be yourself!


90 digital images

you will get 90 digital images from your session (that’s 3 solid month’s worth of content!) in both web and print resolution, with full printing rights. This means you can use the images however you want!




for more details or to book your own session, let’s chat


need more than just one session? need pictures of yourself and your story too? the girlboss membership might be perfect for you!