Question 1

Q: What is Personal Brand Photography?

A: It is lifestyle-based session that shows off who you are, what your brand is, and what your business does. It visually tells the story of you and your brand, in a way words cannot.

Question 2

Q: Why do I need Personal Brand Photography?

A: The internet is full of online businesses and growing every day, and your target audience is bombarded with ads, companies, and products everyday that can make it feel like you’re shouting into the void to be noticed. Personal Brand Photography allows you to not only show off your business, but also give your audience a look at YOUR personality, which is a key to getting new clients in today’s fast paced environment. You need to connect with your audience and establish trust, because people are more likely to purchase from a person they know rather than a faceless company.

Question 3

Q: I have some headshots, isn’t that enough?

A: While headshots are great for things like business cards and profile pictures, they don’t tell anything more about your or your brand. The purpose of a Personal Brand session is to provide you with more than just a shot of you posed, smiling at the camera. It’s to tell the story of what you do, how you do it, who you are, and what you’re about. Think about it like this, your headshots are like a family portrait you hang on your wall, but a Personal Brand session is like a lifestyle session you turn into an album!

Question 4

Q: How can I use these images?

A: There are so many ways to use these images: social media, blog posts, opt ins, emails, websites, publications, advertisements… the list goes on. While most people use them on social media for engagement and reach, you can use these images in every way possible!

Question 5

Q: Can I get images to use in both digital and print formats?

A: Absolutely! Your session includes 60 images, and you will get them sized both for online usage and for printing so you don’t have to worry about figuring that out for yourself!

Question 6

Q: How will you edit my images?

A: I will provide an image with a clean edit (nothing specialized) so it is neutral for all brands. You are more than welcome to use them as is or edit them to match your brand’s aesthetic!

Question 7

Q: Can I edit the images to match my brand?

A: Absolutely! Your images should match your brand’s look and feel, so if that means you need to use a dark and moody filter on your images, please do so! I keep my edits minimal so they can easily be adjusted to fit all brands!

Question 8

Q: Do I own these images since I can use them anywhere?

A: No. While you are allow to use they anywhere you’d like without crediting me, I still hold copyright to all the images. You are also not allowed to use them as your own portfolio or claim credit to taking them.

Question 9

Q: Can I see an example of what the images might look like?

A: Sure! Take a look at this example gallery here! [SEE THE EXAMPLE GALLERY]

Question 10

Q: Why is this session so expensive?

A: This investment for this session is larger than an average portrait session for a few reasons. First, it is all inclusive, meaning your final images are included in the price (so you don’t order anything “extra” after the session. Second, this session is typically longer than an average portrait session, with a maximum of 4 hours shooting the session. Third, you have full usage rights to these images, meaning you can use them in any print or digital medium desired without giving credit to me as the creator (copyright is still held by SMP). And lastly, this session gives you enough content for 12 weeks (that’s about 3 months if you were to post 5 days a week consistently!), which is ALOT of content!