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why i do what i do

my mission & vision


I want to empower females of all ages to be themselves, no matter what.

I want you to be confident in who you are. I want you to be happy in your own skin - perfectly, imperfect - no matter what society tells you about who you should be. I want to celebrate all my fellow females in the way magazines celebrate perfection. I want to make the perfectly-imperfect beauty the mainstream. No hiding behind massive amounts of filters or matte effects, just you, and your beautiful story, glorifying the most perfectly-imperfect things about you. I want to give you the confidence to realize it’s about more than just outer beauty. I want you to love yourself inside and out. I want to inspire you to live your dreams and educate you to live your best life.

Screw what everyone else thinks. You have a story that needs to be told. You are perfectly-imperfect.


This can sometimes get a little confusing so let me break it down: I serve females
I work with females of all ages in 2 different ways:
portrait sessions and entrepreneurial services!


For portrait sessions, I work with females of any age (typically 12+ years old) on individual portrait sessions focused 100% on telling their unique story. This means I only photograph one person during the session, and the session is completely customized to tell THEIR story (unique locations, outfits, themes, etc.). These sessions
are all about capturing REAL perfectly-imperfect moments that still have an editorial-magazine vibe. Sessions include professional hair and makeup services so you feel confident and your inner beauty shines through! Sessions do not include any products, but I do offer an assortment of print and digital products to show off your portraits! I do NOT photograph groups/families/engagements/weddings, EXCEPT for past clients (as a way to say thank you) and during special limited edition sessions for the public. To see all of the sessions,
click here!


For creative entrepreneurs, I work with kickass girlbosses (both in person and online), ranging from wanting to start a business to upleveling their current successful business. Who is a creative entrepreneur? Photographers, bloggers, social media influencers, MLMs, boutique owners, hair stylists, makeup artists, designers, course creators…you get the idea. Being a girlboss myself, I know exactly what it takes to run your business efficiently, so for creative entrepreneurs I offer services like a stock photography, templates, social media stock membership, a custom social media content creation membership, custom social media “influencer” portrait sessions (content creation), personal branding photo sessions, and more! You can check out all my services for girl bosses right here!


I don’t see the world in vintage, matte, or instagram filters.

I see in bright light, crisp images, and bold colors. You don’t need a filter to convey emotion, you just need YOU! I don’t use the moody, matte filters that are super trendy right now on any of my photos because that's not how I see you. Trends will fade and look dated. I photograph you the way I see you. No matter your background, your hobbies,  or your style - I photograph who YOU are. Your style is unique, just like you. Your fashion shouldn’t dictate who takes your pictures.

I photograph you and your personal style in a way that tells only YOUR story!