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I’m so excited you’ve signed up! I’m getting all of your info ready for your inbox right now. You should see it in a few minutes. but Before you jump over to your inbox, i created a super secret gift just for you!

have you ever wanted to post one of those cute letter boards,

but you realized they just take too much time? like, assembling those things is kinda tough, time consuming, and you better hope you have enough letters to spell out what you want! They’re cute, but a pain! That’s why I’ve created a digital letter board just for you!! And I have it on sale for a limited time, just for you!


digital letter boards

now you can post your cute quotes without even having a letter board. no more worrying about losing letters, ordering more symbols, or spending too much time setting them up!


what’s included

a photoshop psd file of a blank letter board, already sized for social media. additional layers for each letter, number, & symbol. This will allow you to duplicate and move each letter layer to create the exact message you want to share.

Stop dreaming and start doing with this easy to use template


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