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It's the start of a new year, and what is everyone talking about? "New Year, New Me, New Goals/Resolutions". And you're sitting here thinking, yeah we do this every year... we say we're gonna eat healthier, actually USE our gym membership, learn something new, spend more time with family and friends, make a million dollars, read a new book, or travel somewhere new... but once February rolls around, we throw those goals in the trash. So, why do we need to set goals for 2018?

Why bother to set goals?

Goal setting is a SUPER helpful tool when done correctly! Goals help us to do so many things:

  • accomplish BIG things
  • help us prioritize
  • let us learn about ourselves
  • push ourselves
  • define a clear path towards what we want
  • help us measure our progress
  • give us something to work towards
  • motivate us
  • allow us to constantly refine our purpose

And that's just naming a few... I could keep going on! My point is, goals are super important to have, set, and follow through on in order to design the best life possible! They provide us a means to measure our progress and evolve as a person on so many levels.



Why your goals don't work

So, why haven't you experienced those things in the past with your goals? Why have you abandoned or even forgotten about those big goals you tape up above your computer every January? It's simple babe - you were never taught how to set goals!

Believe it or not, goal setting is SO much more than just writing down your big dreams on a cute piece of paper and pinning them to your wall. There are legit semester-long courses on the goal setting process, so yeah, it's more than just writing down big things you want to accomplish and hoping you do them! It's about taking those big dreams and breaking them down into small, manageable tasks that you can do every day to reach those goals.  And ultimately, it's about learning about yourself to know what you truly want out of life and your goals. This is why your past goals haven't worked!

So, here's the deal, babe! I've put my goal setting and design skills to use to create a guide just for you that will walk you through setting your goals for 2018!


Click the button below to take a look at everything included (there's even a 5 day email training to help you work through it a little at a time so by the end of the 5 days, you're done!) and download your free copy now to start planning how you're going to rock 2018!

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