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It's February in Pennsylvania. There's snow on the ground and you're probably thinking about your next snow day. And that day off is the perfect time to start planning for PROM! Prom season is quickly approaching for State College and Lewisburg, PA , so I'm ramping up to help you make prom 2018 the freaking best prom ever! And where else do you start planning for prom 2018? The Dress!

Prom 2018 Trends

Not gonna lie, I am totally jealous of these prom trends this year! (Where were these when I was in high school? haha) Prom 2018 looks so freaking glam, I just can't handle it! This year's trends range from elegant and romantic to bold and edgy, and I love every single one of them...and I'm pretty sure my State College and Lewisburg girlies are going to love them too! Here are your top prom dress trends for prom 2018 :


Elegant Sparkles

Sparkles are always a prom trend, but for 2018 these sparkles are looking more elegant and glamorous than ever! These gowns from Jovani are the perfect example of what I'm talking about!

2 Pieces

Now this is a throwback I can totally get on board with- the 2 piece gown! I remember growing up in the late 90's / early 2000's and seeing this trend everywhere in the fashion magazines around prom time. I wasn't old enough to go to prom, but oh man did I want one of these dresses! For 2018, this trend definitely looks a lot classier with a more subtle crop on the gown's top, and combining it with other trends like romantic tulle or bold florals totally makes it 2018. Designer Sherri Hill has been flawlessly pulling this trend off in so many different ways this year, and I'm in love with every single one of them!

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Bold Florals

I seriously cannot get enough of bold florals (and apparently neither can anyone else, as this trend is EVERYWHERE for prom 2018)! This definitely isn't that "bold floral" your grandma's couch had - these patters are modern, colorful, bold, and absolutely gorgeous! From solid 1 piece gowns to mix and match two pieces, you just can't go wrong with this trend! Again, Sherri Hill is totally owning this trend for 2018!

Unique Cutouts

This trend isn't so popular that EVERY designer is doing it for every dress - but when they do, it looks fan-freaking-tastic! Cutting out areas of the gown used to be typically saved for the back of the gown or the neckline, but for prom 2018, we're seeing designers applying the trend in new ways, like Maddison James adding unique cutout patterns in the side of a 2 piece gown's top! If you want to add a little edge to your prom 2018 look (without adding zippers and chains to your gown) this trend is definitely for you!

Romantic Tulle

Ughhhh - I will forever be in love with this trend! Tulle just speaks to the romantic in me, but for 2018, designers are adding a twist to this prom classic. Instead of the typical full tulle skirt in a gown, 2018 is seeing abundant layers and varying lengths of tulle in the skirts (ummmm, could these look any more romantic and beautiful?!?!) While almost every designer has tulle gowns, designer Sherri Hill has so many gorgeous dresses this season (insert heart-eye emoji here)!

So babe, are you ready to find your perfect dress now that you know what's on trend for prom 2018?! Well, let me help! If you're in State College, Lewisburg, PA, or the surrounding Central PA area and you want to find all of these designers and more, you have to check out Formalities in Bellefonte, PA!  They have so many unique styles to choose from, and they're local, so what could be better than that?! 

So, you have your dress inspo - now what?! Well babe, I have a ton of blog posts on the way to help you plan the prefect 2018 Prom, whether your in State College, Lewisburg, or anywhere in Central PA. So get ready, because we're going to plan your perfect prom starting now!

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