How to Plan for Prom 2018 | State College PA Senior Photographer

Prom 2018 is basically a month or two away for State College, Lewisburg, and the surrounding central PA area! Are you ready?! Maybe you bought your dress, and maybe you have your prom squad in a group text talking about what all you need to do yet. Flowers? Restaurant Reservations? Ride to Prom? It's a lot to coordinate in 2 months, and there are some small details that you might forget about (and we don't want to ruin your prom day with little forgotten tasks), so let's breakdown a few things to keep in mind when planning your Prom day!

(oh and between you and me, you're definitely going to want to check out my gift for you at the end of this blog post! You definitely won't forget a thing for prom if you use it!! <3 )


Dress/Tux Alterations

This is one that can easily be missed when you're super excited about Prom and trying to coordinate a million things!  Don't forget to buy/rent your dress/tux early enough that you can get alterations made if it doesn't fit exactly right! If you're like me, you would wait until the last minute to buy your dress, realize it's too long, and be tripping over it all night! So take a look at your calendar and make sure you set a deadline date to get a dress/tux that gives you time to get it altered if necessary!

Don't Forget: You will need to schedule time to make any needed alterations with a professional who will have a schedule just like anyone else! Make sure you contact them ASAP to book your appointment to be fitted and make the alterations before their schedule is filled up!

And if you didn't buy your prom dress yet, check out this blog post on prom trends for 2018 and stop by Formalities in Bellefonte, PA to get your perfect dress!!


Book Your Photographer

I can tell you from personal experience that soooo many people wait until the week before prom to try and book a photographer to take their prom pictures. And you know what happens? The only photographer available on that short of notice just picked up a camera a month ago and may not capture your memory the way you're envisioning. You spent so much time and money on this day to not have it captured in amazing photographs! So find your fave photographer and book your pictures now!

Don't Forget: Just because your favorite photographer isn't advertising prom sessions doesn't mean they won't take your pictures! Send them a message and ask!!

And if I happen to be that photographer, let's chat!!


Pack an Emergency Kit

So many small things can happen that can make your prom day less than amazing, like the strap of your dress breaking, spilling punch on your dress, or your perfectly styled hair falling down. Don't let that stuff ruin the best prom ever. Pack an emergency kit that fits in your clutch so those little issues don't ruin your prom!

Don't Forget: Pack items that are small but super helpful! Take a look at the list I've put together in my blog post about what to include in your prom emergency kit!!


Okay, so that was a lot, right? And that's only 3 things you need to remember to do! What about the rest of it?! Don't worry babe, I got you! I've created a prom planning checklist that will make sure you don't miss a thing when you're planning prom 2018! Click the button below to download the checklist I made just for you!!

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