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New Season, new selfie, am I right?!

In State College and Lewisburg, PA , Spring is almost here, and one of the MOST asked questions I get during this time of year from seniors, teens, and young adults is:

Where are some unique places I can take pictures of myself that don’t look like any other location that EVERYONE uses?

Finding unique places to take selfies might seem impossible (because everyone takes selfies at the local coffee house and record shop, right?), but I promise, babe, it's super easy! You just need to change your perspective! Here are 5 Spring selfie ideas that you won't find EVERYONE doing.

IN the flowers

Okay, I know what you're thinking - pictures in front of flowers? Totally basic, and NOT unique. Well babe, that's not what this is about. This isn't just standing in front of flowers and taking a picture - no, we're going to do something that other's won't do, which makes it stand out. We're going to get IN the flowers.. when you do this and shoot through the flowers, it creates pops of color and adds that soft blurriness in front and behind of you. That is what will make your selfie look a million times different than everyone elses!

at a greenhouse

When we think Spring, we typically think flowers, pretty standard, right? Well let's take that and really ramp it up by taking pictures in a greenhouse! Your selfie won't just have a few flowers in it, it will be FILLED with a huge variety of flowers. Big pops of color, and an overabundance of that basic Spring theme, that will make your image be totally YOURS.

in front of a potted plant

If you want a picture that's different, you have to be willing to do what others aren't, which might result in you feeling totally absurd... like sitting in front of a potted plant haha! I promise you, babe, this one always looks amazing. Just make sure the plant is larger than you are, so it's not hidden behind your head when you take the picture! When you take the picture so that the plant fills the frame, it looks like you're in front of a solid wall of flowers, which is totally different and absolutely adorable!

through the trees

Trees, how typical.... not in this case, babe. While a lot of people take pictures in front of trees or standing under trees, they don't actually take advantage of the unique aspect of trees like a weeping willow... the branches and leaves! Make your selfie stand out by shooting through the drooping branches and leaves to add depth to your picture and create more visual interest with those soft bursts of color at the front of the picture! (Just make sure that your face isn't partially or fully covered by the leaves!)

in a flower garden

My last spring selfie location is one that most people often use: a flower garden. No, not the flower beds in front of your house (don't step in those unless you're looking for trouble!). I am talking about a legit walk-through flower garden at your local park or public garden. So what makes these selfies so unique? Showcasing your personality! Everyone will take the basic pictures: smelling the flowers, smiling in front of them (with their arm clearly extended out), or staring off into space in front of them. Babe, you gotta change up your game to make your selfies stand out! Start by being silly! You're in a magical, whimsical place, so use that to your advantage and be a little silly, like posing with this garden ornament on your head! Take pictures of deep belly laughs, jumping and leaping... heck, do a cartwheel because why not?! Here's my pro tip though: use your timer! Place your phone somewhere safe, set the timer, and get in front of the camera being silly! This will allow you to get a full length shot and capture the full view of the flowers, which is not something people typically do with their selfies!



So, are you ready to take some new spring selfies?! I'd love to see your new selfies, so use the hashtag #smpspringselfies to show me how you used these 5 tips and for the chance to be featured on my instagram!! And if you want even more selfie tips, you can get a copy of my free "How to Take a Better Selfie" guide by clicking the button below!!

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