State College PA Senior Photographer | New Product Feature: Editorial Prints


As a State College PA Senior Photographer, I strive to provide my clients with heirloom quality products that are both high quality and gorgeous to look at!  Not to mention, I LOVE creating unique products that you won't get from any other photographer! That is why I am SOOOOO excited to introduce a new product to the SMP collection: Editorial Prints!

Your portraits from your session look like they could grace the pages of Elle, Vogue, or Porter, so why would you get them printed as a standard 5x7 or 8x10? No - you deserve better! You deserve for your images to get the same treatment that those magazine editorials get! That's why I've created the Editorial Prints product!


Have you ever wondered how they select which images from an editorial photo shoot make it into the magazine? They print out all of the images and lay them out side by side, moving them around in different orders to figure out what images tell the story the best, and in what order should the story be told! Your session tells the story of YOU, so why should it be any different? (Answer: IT SHOULDN'T!)



This product features your image printed on the highest quality paper, framed around a clean white border, with a soft gloss finish, and it comes in sets of 10, 20, or all images from your session! You can display the images individually or (my favorite way) together as a collection in a gorgeous gold or rose gold glass image display box! (and it pairs perfectly with the full digital collection!)


Not to mention, look how gorgeous Lilly's senior session looks when all of the images are placed side by side! Instead of viewing them image by image, you get the feel of the whole session!


So, are you ready to have your own Editorial Print collection? If you want to know more about my new product or you want to book your senior portrait session in the State College PA, Lewisburg, PA, or central PA area, then click the button below and let's chat!!

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