State College PA Senior Photographer | FAQ Series (1)


As a State College PA Senior Photographer, I get A LOT of questions about what this "ultimate experience" is that I offer to every client. Well, lovely - welcome to my new blog series- The FAQ series! This is a new once a month series where I answer all your questions about anything relating to SMP & photography! Last week, my inbox was blown up with questions from you, wanting to know so much more about the SMP ultimate experience is all about. So, here are a few of the questions you asked!


Q: How do I come up with my themed shoots?

A: this is a HUGE topic, but to sum it all up: I start by finding inspiration (from Pinterest, fashion magazines, TV, music, pop culture, etc.) My inspiration decides my “theme”. Then I create a story around the theme. The story drives the details like the location, outfits, props, etc.


Q: What are the best ways to display your photos?

A: I have 3 favorite ways I always recommend to display your photos: on the wall, in a book , and on the table. Each option has a wide range of possibilities, but all 3 combined together capture an entire session perfectly and fit everyone’s needs. On the wall could be a wall gallery, a grouping of canvases, or frames. A book could be in the form of an album, or a magazine, or an image box of loose images held together. A tabletop display could be a small framed print, a Polaroid, a little keepsake object, and a really unique image product like an image cube!


Q: Are themed shoots only available for the trendsetters?

A: No! Anyone can have a themed session! It’s called a Lush session and includes both a regular portrait session AND an additional themed editorial session complete with full theme, props, outfits, locations, etc.


Q: Where do you shoot at?

A: I don’t have one specific area, but I do shoot on location. I am based in central PA serving State College, Lewisburg, and the surrounding central PA areas, so I will travel to the best location for the session in order to get the amazing images you love!


Q: What should I wear to my senior session?

A: Always wear something that defines your personality! That’s my number one rule! I also provide every client of mine with a 72 page what to wear guide that breaks down exactly what you should wear based on your skin tone, personal style, body shape, and so much more, as well as helpful fashion tips! When you have a session with me, there is no guessing as to if your outfit will look good in your images. I’ll help you to look your absolute best - no guessing!


So, did I answer your question about SMP and the ultimate experience? If you still have a question or you want to book your senior portrait session in the State College PA, Lewisburg, PA, or central PA area, then click the button below and let's chat!!





Courtney Beitz