State College PA Senior Photographer | 2017 Girly & Glam Holiday Gift Guide

While walking around downtown in State College, PA, or Lewisburg PA, you might not get that holiday feeling yet, but seeing people hustling in and out of stores shopping for gifts is a swift reminder that we need to start holiday shopping! And this is one of my favorite times of the year to shop! During the holidays, there are soooo many adorable little things that hit shelves (or more realistically, my laptop screen) that remind me of my friends and family, and I just can't resist buying them the most adorable little gifts!  Whether its your mom, your sister, your BFF, or even yourself (heck yeah, #treatyoself2017 girl!), here is a list of my favorite girly & glam little gifts this holiday season!!



For the girl who loves her pizza and lovessss her sparkles, this adorable pizza slice ornament is absolutely perfect! And the ultimate pizza lover will hang this up year round!



Okay, I can't be the only one obsessed over all of the reversible sequin items out there right now, right? I love this gold two-toned stocking! It's perfect for every glam girl's holiday, and let's be real, we will most likely keep it up year-round! (BTW - if you're not a fan of ordering online, or just happen to be in the area, check the Urban Outfitters in State College, PA to see if this is in stock in store!)



Candles are never a bad idea, and these candles are a dream. From their sophisticated, fun look, to the gorgeous colors, and the amazing smells, these candles are perfect for making any room cozy and girly! You can choose from 4 scents: Wild Aloe, Mimosa Fruit, Lavender Clove, or Orange Agave.



Now, this had me smiling as soon as I saw it, thinking back to my pre-teen years. A more sophisticated take on the childhood fun of a mood ring, this nail polish changes color on your nails. While they call it "Mood" polish, its more like an ombre polish, as it changes between peach and pink based on the temperature, creating an ever-changing ombre look on your nails! I absolutely love this peach / pink combo, but they also have 2 other color combos to choose from: turquoise/purple and teal/lime. Don't mind me, just putting this in my cart for myself (#treatyoself).



Yet another item I'll be adding to my cart - these adorable animal ring holders. Perfect for holding your rings AND accessorizing your dresser, these rose gold statues are beyond cute. They're stylish and functional - a freaking dream gift! You can choose from an elephant, a giraffe, or a bunny for these sleek stocking stuffers. If you're in State College, PA, you can grab these in store at Urban Outfitters!



Great for relaxing and making your bath just a little extra, these bath fizzes are a wonderful gift this holiday. They come in 3 varieties: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Lapis.  Here's a breakdown of what each one smells like!

  • Amethyst: jasmine, ylang ylang + violet
  • Lapis: sea salt, sage + beechwood
  • Rose Quartz: rose water, lotus + musk


I've had this item since August, and I absolutely ADORE it, so I had to include it in my list! This thing has saved my phone sooo many freaking times! This rose gold phone holder ring not only looks stylish, but it's super functional! Use it as a stand for your phone (great for taking selfies, btw), OR place your finger through the ring while using your phone and save yourself from dropping it when it slips out of your grip! I can't tell you how many times my case-less phone slipped through my hands and was saved by wearing this as a ring. To the inventor of this device: I send you a million thank you's and so does my phone!



If you know someone who loves to organize, then this planner is the perfect gift to help them start out the new year! The color is feminine and fun, and the gold accents really make it feel shiny and new - how perfect to kick off the new year!



Whether you are a #bossbabe or like me and literally call everyone babe, this mug is such a cute gift! I'm in love with that peach color, and who really has enough coffee mugs?! (Last I saw, these were on display at the State College Urban Outfitters store!)



I might just be in love with this because it matches my branding, but for real - how adorable is this organizer set? It's perfect for sitting on top of a dress or desk to organize office supplies, jewelry, or random little trinkets that you keep in your drawer because you don't want to just throw them on your desk.

So, are you inspired to hit the streets of State College or Lewisburg and start your holiday shopping at some of the local boutiques? What about the items above? Did you put any in your cart ?! Let me know what's on your holiday shopping list in the comments below!!


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