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everyone has a story that deserves to be told. here’s mine

hey babe!
i’m courtney jo

hey babe!

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet and saying hello! I’m Courtney Jo - a creative girl with big dreams and no limits!


i am all about...

being a boss babe
anything to do with photography
crazy hair colors
abstract paintings
designing anything and everything
alt. rock and pop punk
pretending to be a FoodNetwork chef
DIY-ing it if I can
warm blankets, hot coffee, & good books
all of the pasta
exploring new cities
encouraging women of any age to love who they are




my story 

I grew up in front of the camera. No, I wasn't famous or a model.. I was being frozen in time. From before I can remember, my mother was photographing me what seemed like every day growing up. From moments I vividly remember, like playing with my favorite blocks, to moments I would have no recollection of happening if I hadn't looked at the picture, like sitting on my dads lap in his convertible when I was no bigger than the steering wheel - every moment was being captured by my mother. Growing up, I was always annoyed that she was taking pictures of our everyday life, because why , right? At age 7, you just don't understand why taking a picture of you in your Halloween costume in the middle of the kitchen is a big deal (and let's be real - I just wanted to go get some candy!). As I became a teen, I got even more annoyed at a camera being in my face (like, so uncool mom!), but then a funny thing happened...

after years of flipping through fashion magazines, and using my moms camera when she would let me, I realized my passion was being the one to take those pictures. So something happened - as I went through high school, I quickly became the one to take pictures of others, rather than getting my picture taken. Our photo albums became much thinner, and life happened. The family camera was set down as we got busier and older, and new chapters of our stories were being written. As I was finishing college, I had one of those unthinkable moments - you know, the ones you hear about but NEVER think will happen to you... my father passed away after a 3 year battle with ALS. There I was at 21, soon to graduate college and my world just... stopped. And you know the first thing I did? I found those albums and looked through every photo my mother took of me and my father growing up.


you never understand the importance of existing in images and printing your photographs until they are literally all you have left from that chapter of your story


Years later, I still look at those images every day. My mother didn't know it, and hell, I didn't know it until years later, but she truly shaped my love of photography and my photographic style by photographing our family all those years. My favorite images that sit on my desks and hang on my walls are ones that truly freeze a chapter in time, with lots of bright light, sun beams pouring in, and a story being told through a photograph. They are the most important photos I have, and they are to the core what defines my own photographic style: bright light, bold colors, a love for sunlight, and most importantly freezing this chapter of your life for you to look back on and remember.

So as you're sitting there thinking, "why do I need my picture taken? It's just a small moment in time, it's not a big deal." , remember, those little moments are often the important ones. Thinking back to how I felt getting photographed in the kitchen wearing my Halloween costume, I remember thinking how unimportant that moment was. Now when I look at that image, I remember all of the past costumes I wore, the fun I had going out trick or treating with my family, and the details of that kitchen that I no longer live in. So trust me when I say, you never understand the importance of existing in images and printing your photographs until they are literally all you have left from that chapter of your story.


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