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Take better pictures

with just your phone - no pro camera needed

Why do her phone pictures look professional, and mine are blurry and pixelated?!
I thought my fancy phone was to take amazing pictures..but my instant camera takes better pics than this.
I want to take better pictures of my life to capture my memories, but my phone pics are HORRIBLE!

Sound like you?

Babe, I was exactly where you are a little bit ago! I was watching all of my friends post AMAZING pictures of their vacations, their families, their memories with friends, and looking at my camera roll thinking "why do their pictures look like they're taken with a professional camera and mine look like I took them with an old flip phone?". I knew how to capture those images with my professional gear - so why in the heck could I not take a good picture with my phone to save my life?



We all want to take better pictures - it's how we capture those special memories to keep forever. But, let's be real - we don't use photo albums anymore. We don't download our pics from our phones and get 4x6's printed out to place into an album. No - our "photo album" today is INSTAGRAM. It's not about the likes, or the comments - it's about capturing those memories. And I want to help you capture those memories better!

This Challenge will teach you a new skill every month to take a better photo, so by the end of 2018, your instagram will look like a pro tagged along for every adventure you've captured! Keep reading to see everything you get in the challenge!

  • How to properly light your photo
  • How to get that gorgeous blurred background
  • How to make an ugly background look pretty
  • How to style your photos
  • How to take a great photo with limited tools
  • How to pose in pictures
  • How to find unique places to take your pictures
  • How to edit your images right on your phone
  • How to create unique indoor backdrops
  • How to use the basic rules of photography
  • How to add interest to your photos using objects
  • How to get your pictures off of Insta and into RL
  • and more!
  • This 12 month challenge is totally free and you can join at any time during the year
  • The challenge will take place in a private Facebook group
  •  Drop your info below to sign up and you'll get an email from me with the group link for you to join
  • The FB group will have:
    • the monthly lessons organized in albums, to be viewed at any time
    •  live critiques for anyone to submit their work to
    • live demos of the skills your learning
    • live Q&A sessions to ask any questions about what you learned
    • exclusive helpful tips and tricks to take your skills a step further
    • the ability for your photos to be featured on my instagram!
  • New lessons will be available at the beginning of each month for you to work through whenever you have time



Ready to start taking better pictures?! Join the challenge by scrolling down and signing up!


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